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Pay attention to the rapid development of biodiesel industry with circular econo

In recent years, biodiesel has gradually come into people's vision. Although the research and development of biodiesel in China started relatively late, it developed very fast, and some scientific research achievements have reached the international advanced level.
 Current situation of Biodiesel Market

China is a big net importer of petroleum, with limited petroleum reserves. A large amount of imported petroleum poses a threat to China's energy security. Therefore, it is more realistic for China to improve the quality of oil. Biodiesel has three advantages: renewable, clean and safe. Some experts believe that biodiesel is of great strategic significance to China's agricultural restructuring, energy security and comprehensive management of the ecological environment.
At present, the main body of biodiesel production in China is private enterprises, and state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises are also involved. In July 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission officially approved China.

Construction of demonstration facilities with Jatropha curcas as raw material in three major oil, Sinopec and CNOOC companies.
Integration and Sharing of Innovative Resources

Last week, the National Biodiesel Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was launched in Beijing. The establishment of the alliance has added a new step to the development of circular economy and the improvement of ecological environment in China. The head of the alliance said that it would integrate the superior biodiesel resources in China, and strive to realize the large-scale production of biodiesel in China by 2020 through the development of a million mu oil forest base and six sets of 100,000 tons/year biodiesel processing equipment.
It is reported that in the next step, the alliance will build an integrated and shared channel of technological innovation resources based on the principles of "no competition for food with people, no competition for land with food, food safety and waste into treasure" for the development of biodiesel industry.
Seeking Development in Dilemma

Although the biodiesel industry has developed for more than ten years, it has not yet formed a complete industrial chain. Facing many difficulties, such as raw material cost, raw material supply, production and processing technology, development of high value-added products, market development and so on.

To solve the predicament of biodiesel industry, it is impossible to rely on enterprises to fight alone. The effective way is to form an industrial alliance with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide and industry-university-research as the combination. Only by integrating the advantages of the core enterprises in the industry and through integrated innovation can the transformation and upgrading of biodiesel industry be realized. Only by developing technical cooperation and establishing a public technology platform can the core technology of industrial development be broken through. Only by developing in an integrated way can the management of gutter oil be strengthened, sales channels be established and the integrity of biodiesel be built. Only by realizing the effective division of labor and rational links of innovation resources and sharing intellectual property rights can we accelerate the use of scientific and technological achievements, jointly train talents, thus enhancing the overall competitiveness of the industry and providing an endless source of innovation power for industrial upgrading and replacement.