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Oil Pressing Processes of Five Main Oil Crops

1. The pressing method of peanut kernels: hot pressing and cold pressing can be used for peanut kernels, mainly hot pressing (the effect of cold pressing is not as good as hot pressing). During hot pressing, peanut kernels are crushed or rolled, and then steamed in a steamer for 1.5-2 hours. The temperature is about 120 degrees and the water content is about 3%. When the temperature of the oil press reaches 85 degrees, the normal pressing begins. If there is no steaming pot, peanuts can also be fried in a frying pan. First, crush the peanut kernels, gradually increase the water by 7-8%, fry until dark yellow, then come out of the pot and press.

Peanut-Cleaning-Head-Over Pressing-Head-Over Peanut Oil-Filtration-Two Pressing-Two Peanut Oil-Filtration-Three Pressing-Three Peanut Oil-Filtration

First peanut cake - twice broken peanut cake - three times broken peanut cake

2. Pressing methods of rapeseed: cold pressing and hot pressing. In order to improve oil yield and quality, hot pressing is the main method.

The process flow is as follows:

Cold Pressing: Rapeseed-Screening-Embryo-Pressing

First, the rapeseed is screened to remove impurities, and then the water content of the rapeseed is checked. No testing equipment can be used to detect by soil method: squeeze the rapeseed with nails, if there is a noise, and divide it into two pieces, or oil is the most suitable for extrusion, if the powder is too dry, if the cake is too wet. If it is too dry, add 2.5-3% water, stop less, and go directly to the oil press for pressing. Press it twice at one time.

3. Pressing method of peanut with shell: Pressing peanut with shell, peanut must be suitable for drying and wetting. Generally, peanut shell can be stripped off. Peanut can be pressed twice by hand to remove red skin. Peanuts are too wet and noisy when pressed. Peanuts should be re-dried or dried. If the crushing of peanuts with shells is not smooth, add about 20% of the cake and peanuts mix well before pressing.

4. Pressing process of cottonseed:

Cottonseed-Cleaning-Pressing-Cottonseed Oil-Filtration

Cottonseed cake

5. Soybean - Cleaning - First Pressing - First Pressing - First Pressing - Filtration - Second Pressing - Second Pressing - Second Pressing - Filtration

Bean cakes for the first time - broken beans cakes for the second time

Production process instructions: First, the soybeans are screened and removed, then the soybeans are crushed and softened by adding about 7-8% water. The soybeans are steamed to about 115 degrees in the steaming pot before being squeezed.

Pressing methods of soybean: At present, there are two main methods of soybean pressing: hot pressing and cold pressing.

Hot Pressing: Rapeseed - Screening - Pressing Embryo - Steaming - Pressing

The rapeseed is screened to remove residue, and then rolled into the embryo rolling mill. After rolling, the rapeseed is steamed in a steaming frying pan. During the steaming process, 2-3% water is added to the rapeseed at home. The best temperature is 110-120 degrees, and the rapeseed can be squeezed.